Lab safety procedures and protocols

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Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing:

  • Wear low-heeled shoes with fully covered toes. (Shoes and sandals with open toes shall not be worn)
  • Wear gloves for all procedures.
  • Wear goggles or face shield when appropriate.
  • Lab coats or protective clothing (long sleeves, pants) are recommended.
  • Long hair should be held in place behind the head.
  • Loose clothing, especially loose trouser legs and sleeves, should not be worn in the laboratory

Be familiar with chemicals and where to find their respective MSDS information.
Properly store and dispose of chemicals.
Familiarize yourself with procedure for emergencies, including first aid, evacuation routes, and spill clean-up procedures.

Spill Procedures:

  • Alert your supervisor of the spill.
  • Notify anyone in the immediate area of the spill.
  • Avoid breathing vapors of the spilled material.
  • Open windows for ventilation if needed.
  • Do not let the spill go unnoticed.

Avoid working alone — have someone check in on you.
Wash promptly whenever a chemical has contacted your skin.
Avoid inhalation of chemicals.
No food, beverages, or cosmetics in the laboratory area.
Wash your hands with soap and water when entering the laboratory area and prior to leaving the laboratory area.
Laboratory area should be kept clean and clear of clutter.
Do not use the laboratory refrigerator or freezer for human food or drink.
Waste container should be clearly labeled.
In Case of Emergency in the laboratory area contact: _
Familiarize yourself with all hazardous material disposal procedures.
Sharps (needles, broken glass, cutting utensils) should be disposed of in the appropriate container — not the garbage.
If you have questions, ask!
Be safe…Have Fun!