1. Lab safety

lab safetyModule 1: Lab Safety & Setup
Important things to consider when setting up and working in your laboratory.

SUMMARY Summary: Learn the Basics of Setting up a Lab
Learn the Basics of Lab Safety
Learn the Basics of Pipetting
video Video: Learn how to use a scientific micropipette in this video.
protocol Protocol: Standard Guidelines for Lab Safety Procedures and Protocols
games Game:  How well do you know your way around the lab?Test your knowledge by playing B.E.A.T. Box Games.
activities Classroom Activities:
Have students test their pipetting skills with this classroom activity
Test the accuracy of your pipetting with this classroom activity
Work on pipetting skills and lab notebook basics with the Red Cabbage pH Activity
Test your knowledge of lab safety by taking this quiz!
Test your knowledge of pipette skills and techniques by taking this quiz!
Resources Additional Resources:
The Chemical Database : A searchable database of hazardous chemicals (University of Ohio Akron)
Laboratory Techniques and Safety : A great resource for introducing biotechnology equipment and micropipetting into your curriculum (Career Technical Education)