8. Additional Resources

Investigating DNA Classroom Activity (PDF)
Alaska K-12 Science Curricula Initiative
University of Kansas Genetics Education Center
A huge collection of links covering a wide range of genetics topics. Includes lesson plans, classroom activities, etc.

University of Utah
This site contains a lot of interactive games that cover topics such as basic genetics, heredity, and gene technology.

Companion site to Learn.Genetics: a wealth of resources and information aimed at helping educators
bring genetics, bioscience and health alive in the classroom.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab, DNA Learning Center
DNA from the Beginning
An animated primer of 75 experiments that made modern genetics.
Each chapter contains and explanation of a fundamental concept and an accompanying interactive animation.

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)
Searchable collection of learning materials for math and the sciences.

University of Arizona Biotech Project
Resources and Lab activities for Highschool and Junior High level classrooms

Human Genome Project Educational Resources
Downloadable blurbs, posters, and DOE-supported curricula.

National DNA Day Teaching Tools
A wide variety of materials on various genetics topics

Genomics Education Partnership
A collaborative project with curricula and materials to engage students in genomics. Geared toward undergraduates.