ASRA_2010The Alaska BioPREP virtual textbook is just that…an online resource for use in the classroom.  Both teachers and students will find many ways to interact with the site. Here you will find a gateway to introducing and using molecular biology and biotechnology in your classroom. Whether you are just getting started with basic molecular biology skills or want to enhance your curriculum with more developed protocols, this site will help you along the way.

This virtual textbook offers a variety of educational resources for both teachers AND students to discover, learn, and apply biotechnology in the high school classroom. If you want to learn more about how to use this site and even contribute to the resources, take a look at our Help page.

TEACHERS: Use the provided learning modules to complement and expand your biotechnology curriculum. Foster and enhance deeper engagement in your classroom with the interactive games, videos, classroom activities, and other tools available.

STUDENTS: Explore and discover the exciting world of biotechnology through various games, quizzes, and other applications. Click on the Learning Modules link above and you will find the necessary material to guide and prepare you for your future in biotechnology.

Let your journey begin…